Family History

As a child I has little interest in the history of my family ancients. As I became a parent and with ancienthood fast approaching, I saw my place in the history of my family, and my children's heritage. I wanted to be able to leave them some knowledge of their roots, and perhaps where their Dad fitted into it.

I began researching my family tree in early 2006. In less than 3 years I have compiled a tree with more than 750 people, with one line going back to the year 1171! I have been extremely fortunate to have had two grandmothers with an interest in compiling family history records, and have a wealth of photographs and other documents from the late 19th century onwards. But perhaps most of all, I am extremely fortunate to be researching at a time when an explosion of information is appearing online.

Feel free to browse my tree, and contact me with any connections you may find.